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About Srikanth

I am tattooing since 2008, as I am artist from my childhood, I wanted to achieve things and make my carrier in art industry. I choose tattooing because it is kind of sensitive art, I felt challenging and interesting since it’s a permanent art and needed more dedication and seriousness where dealing with blood and skin. Lot more to go, on a track towards lot of dream goals and achievement “hopefully”.

About Pratik

I am a learning artist. I ve been tattooing professional since 2014. With body arts tattoo studio under the guidance of Mr. Srikant and Mr. Ganesha who are really a great motivation for me.

Art has always has been a part of me since my childhood days. I have always wanted to be an artist. When I made my first tattoo machine and inked to myself that was the moment I got stucked with tattooing from that time on its going on and I've improved in many ways which I can say to myself.

As I go deeper and deeper in this I feel I know nothing and that thought gives me more inspiration.

My style tattooing is mostly geometrics and black works psychedelic patterns. I also love to create illusion mandalas. But apart from that I do all kinds of work.

Why I Love tattooing is because it’s an art in a spiritual canvas so it has to be a good experience for both of us that’s why I am focused to give a good, memorable and beautiful art in their spiritual canvas.

About Parna nishad (Pihu)

“Struggle is to achieve the goal of life and Interest is something which satisfy the life with joy”.

I stepped in Tattoo world in 2015 learnt from srikanth in body art tattoo studio and still going on… I have done my MBA and worked in share market for some time but belongs to Chhattisgarh state where art is not supposed to be a profession, now I am enjoying my work as tattoo artist. Tattooing taught me to learn and keep patience to explore every individual’s thoughts and emotions through beautiful design and modify their body.

It’s very important for me to make my customer understand the value of their skin and sentiment which we try to bring in tattoos. I do like working with small back and grey tattoos and floral tattoos.

The best part of to be tattoo artist is exploring positive energy from each other, meeting new people with new thoughts and different imagination to represent their beautiful body with smile.

About Suvam(Rex)

Being obsessed with drawing ever since I can remember, it seemed an obvious choice for me to obtain Tattooing as my career.

I moved to Nagaland to learn the skill of tattooing from a renowned Tattoo Studio “BLACK MAGIC” after graduating, however, bored by trivial theory I soon started seeking more challenging duties.

In 2012 I began my apprenticeship at “BLACK MAGIC” and I continue to be very grateful for being provided this opportunity. I was able to learn from the best in a familiar and fun working environment.

The introduction to different styles allowed me to diversify my portfolio immensely whereas my style of tattooing is mostly Black & Gray realistic & Colour realistic. After graduating from University I was so hooked into the world of tattoos, I decided to make it my full time profession. I never regretted this decision and I could not imagine a more fulfilling job. Apart from working together with customers to bring their idea to life, it simply fills me with joy to part with a happy client!

Infected by my passion for learning more, I migrated to Bangalore in Dec 2016 and started working for BODY ART Tattoo Studio and tour around many tattoo fests in seek of upgrading my tattooing skill. I currently apply my trade in several tattoo conventions across India. I expect to master my skills, while learning from other Tattoo Artists in different expertise and meeting new people from all over the world.