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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a tattoo hurt?

It’s a bearable pain; wherever nerves ending are there the pain is little bit more. Like on fingers, elbows, knees, feet. Actually we cannot tell you the exact pain because every person has their own tolerance power regarding pain.Ofcourse big piece hurts more than smaller.

How much is it going to cost?

When it comes to tattoos, you get what you pay for. Yes, there are plenty of people tattooing out there that will ink you cheap, and you'll be crying to a real artist to have it covered up. Look for quality, and be willing to pay for it. NEVER haggle over the price of a tattoo. It is disrespectful to the artist.

If you can't pay for quality, don't bother. This is not a bargain bin. It is a piece of art you will wear for life.

Can I donate blood after tattooing?

Many people are in misconception that after getting a tattoo, you cannot donate blood for a life time which is not true. After getting tattoo you cannot donate blood, but only for a limited time which varies from country to country like in India you can donate after 6 months over.

You do color tattoos?

Yes we do. It depends upon skin completion. Most of the time for a darker skin color won’t pop up well. So we suggest going for black and grey if the cling has a darker skin completion.

How long permanent tattoo will stay?

Though tattoos are designed to last forever, the ink does often fade over time. This is especially true if the ink was injected too far into the dermis (second layer of skin) or beyond it, as it will then be able to shift and spread out. Additionally, skin changes over the course of time, which affects the appearance of tattoos. Regular moisturizing with lotions can reduce fading or spreading of tattoos, as does keeping the tattoo out of direct sunlight

Normally when skin is damaged, white blood cells appear to absorb the material into the body and away from the surface. However, the particles of tattoo ink are designed to be too large for white blood cells to remove. Consequently, the ink remains where it has been injected. The ink stays in the dermis (the second layer of skin), immediately below the epidermis (the outer layer). Tattoo removal procedures often use lasers to break up the ink particles into smaller pieces that can be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Is it safe getting tattoo?

It is safe to get a tattoo if you are in hands of expert and professional tattoo artist/studio that are following all recommendation and safety precaution.

Can I take bath after getting tattoo?

Yes of course you can take bath until you r too lazy for it .Certain procedure you need to follow which we have explained in our maintenance section.

Are you using new needle?

Yes, not only needles but apart from that whatever is required in tattooing process everything we use is fresh like blades, ink cups, etc.

My skin is very sensitive can I get a tattoo?

Yes u can get a tattoo. Skin type can greatly affect how you heal and will determine which aftercare regimen works best for you. In some extreme cases, skin conditions and sensitivity may prevent you from being able to get tattooed at all. If you are worried about whether or not your tattoo will heal correctly, discuss your concerns with a dermatologist or tattoo professional.